Monday, February 27, 2017

A Report from the 2017 Minneapolis All Canada Show

Here is a report from Bill & Marilou Paryniuk of their attendance at the Minneapolis show to represent The Hwy 105 Tourism & Marketing Board.

"The All Canada Sport Show was held at the Canterbury Downs facility in the Shakopee suburb of Minneapolis. This was a four day show beginning on Thursday February 9 and ending on Sunday, February 12. The attendance at this show was somewhat lower than last year but,  I would say there was more genuine interest in people intending to book a vacation trip into the Red Lake region.  

The main request from prospective vacationers was for road accessible resorts and also for modified American Plan. There seemed to be a lack of interest for fly-in remote outposts. After talking with prospective vacationers we provided literature which we deemed suitable to the persons requirement. If there were resorts attending this show that suited a particular vacationer's needs and were a Publicity Board member we would take these prospective people and personally introduce them to the resort owner(s). This was highly appreciated by the prospective vacationer and we believe this resulted in actually bookings at the show. We were disappointed that not all Publicity Board members provided brochures or enough brochures to  distribute to prospective vacationers.

This being the second attendance of this show we would recommend a third attendance as we saw a better than average attitude of people intending to come to Canada for a trip. Having Red Lake represented  here will certainly aid in procuring clientele for the region. We would also recommend more of the Road accessible Resorts and American plan resorts attend this show as we believe they would be rewarded with new clientele."

We have one more Sport show to go in Eau Claire Wisconsin at the Menards Conference Center at Old Mill Plaza on March 17, 18 and 19th. Duane Riddell will be representing us at that show. We'll report back after the show...