Tuesday, April 3, 2018

CF-DRD: Saving Our Icon

Since 1992, CF-DRD has stood proud on its pedestal in Norseman Park and represented the Township of Red Lake in a unique and awe inspiring way. Any Red Laker will tell you that the Norseman aircraft is responsible for the boom and growth of our area and we are so grateful for its influence and assistance. This is the root of our obsession with Norseman aircraft here in Red Lake and why our township's icon DRD means so much to us.

Almost 25 years to the day after it was put up on a pedestal in Norseman Park, Our DRD, along with several local operational Norseman aircraft and other aircraft and vehicles got hit hard with a brutal hailstorm. So much damage that the community is just starting to recuperate. Our monument, DRD, is still in dire need of repair though! The fabric skin of the airframe got punctured all over and is now at severe risk of degradation and decay. As states Rodney Kozar in this blogpost: " Records show the last time DRD actualy flew was in 1981, but even as a static monument, the integrity of the bush plane must be re-established for safety and longevity." 

A Save Our DRD Committee has been formed and fundraising is now under way to help restore our local landmark to its former glory. You can read a lot more about the events and actions under way to achieve this monumental task here on the Save Our DRD page of the Norseman Festival website

If you have a connection to Red Lake, if you used to live in Red Lake, if your family comes from or has moved to Red Lake at some point in time, you will know the importance of keeping this icon alive for years to come. If you feel so inclined to help out, you can head over to our Go Fund Me campaign. If you have pictures of yourself or your family with CF-DRD, please feel free to post. We'd love to see your memories and link to our beloved township's monument. 
Thank you!. 

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